Technano Global Ltd and Partners provide the following services which are Fully operational in Nigeria. We also Offer these services worldwide and intend to plant a Fully Operational replica in Aberdeen UK in the shortest possible time.


Many of our clients have Maintenance and Inspection challenges that were considered insurmountable by other Vendors. We succeeded and exceeded their expectation. We Overhaul PSVs and other serviceable equipment in-country and as with all our inspections, simple, safe and reliable engineering choices direct our solutions to every challenge.


Technano Global Ltd is engaged in trading of Petroleum & Petroleum Products in West African region and globally. We partner with world renowned Operators in the Oil and gas Upstream / downstream sector who share our commitment to Integrity and high international standards of Operation. We understand that every market is different. We work with Sellers, petroleum Product agents, associates, titleholders, buyers worldwide, Governments and Intelligence agencies to manage physical risk and optimize opportunities. Our Partners provide complementary storage and Shipping facilities required to suit our Clients need with the following services:

  • Provide regulatory guidance and technical support details for Crude oil transportation
  • Provide relevant end to end Information of Crude oil availability from Source
  • Provide relevant information of Owners and end users of petroleum product availability
  • Mitigate risk and time saving on Petroleum Product Delivery

Products: Diesel Gas (D2 Oil, Ultra-low Sulphur), PMS, BLCO and a range of other products can be sourced as per Client specification.

  • Material Supply
  • 3rd Party Quality Control

We undertake all kinds of industrial Oil tank cleaning, with advanced cleaning method depending entirely on client’s specific needs. Reliability of your fuel system is directly dependent on quality of a storage tank. Benefits: Improved quality of Stored Oil, Lifetime of tank and supply system is extended, Prevent costly Tank replacement. Fuel Transfer – Removal of Old fuel from your storage Tanks due to planned maintenance, decommissioning or disposal:

  • We Clean offshore supply vessels and drilling rigs using the latest cleaning technology scalable from single wash pump to complete system.
2ND & Third-Party inspection services

QA/QC inspection Services among which we can cover every kind of Inspection from Welding Inspection as per ASME Sec IX and Client specification, Cables & connectors, Fabrication of new equipment, NDT, coating to Subsea structures and Cobra head jumpers. We also offer Aramco Qualified Inspectors to cover the following SAP codes: QM03, QM04, QM07, QM08, QM09, QM11 to 15, QM42 to 43 and many more.

  • Lease of specialized Offshore Vessels (SOV) which are fit for purpose: PSV (Platform Supply Vessels)/Tugboat/Oil chemical tanker/FSO
  • Provide clearing and logistics support services
  • Provide Cargo Quality and Quantity Support Service
  • Provide Crewing and manning Services
  • Provide Vessel tank inspection and Vessel tank calibration Services
VALVE SUPPLY (OEM & stockists)
  • Supplying of high-quality valves on extremely short delivery times from internationally recognized brands
  • Stockist portfolio from world leading manufacturers: Della Foglia, Goodwin, Shipham, Valvosider and Bonney Forge of over 6400 product lines ranging from ¼” to 48” Gate, Globe, Butterfly, check & Ball Valves are available and sits with our stockist for immediate delivery.
  • Valves can be modified to meet specific client specification by Redressing and testing to various end user specifications.
  • Safety and Relief Valves are sourced from companies compliant as a minimum to any of the following codes: EN4126 and API 520 and more specific in regions where any of the codes and some others are Laws to be complied with. Some of our partners are listed below:– Bailey Safety, Relief & Pressure reducing valves.– BESA Safety Valves.– BROADY Safety, Relief & Pressure reducing valves.– Flowstar Safety, Relief & Pressure reducing valves.– NIEZGODKA Safety, Relief & Pressure reducing valves.– TLV Steam Pressure Reducing Valves & Thermostatic Steam traps.– WATT Pressure reducing Valve
overhaul and valve repairs

Safety and Relief Valves can be maintained, redressed, recalibrated and recertified in our modern Workshop:

Overhaul – Examples of the scope of work would include:

– Visual inspection for corrosion and damage of all external and internal surfaces.

– Replacement of any damaged or suspect parts.

– Strip down valve taking measurements if appropriate of “as found setting”.

– Refurbishment of internal parts to ensure correct operation.

– Minimal amount of lapping to return sealing faces / plug to true.

– Undertake a pressure test to determine if lifting / operating correctly.

– Re-build to appropriate standards utilising new packing / gaskets as required.

– Pressure test / Bubble test / Seat leakage test.

– Traceable Certificates

  •  Re-test / Recalibration / Recertify Services
  • Liaise with 3rd Party inspectors if required i.e. DNVGL
  • Cleaning & Degreasing
  • Full documentation
workshop services(upstream operations)
  • Redressing, Testing & Calibration of SSV pilots
  • Sales/Redressing of Down-Hole-Safety-Valves Sales
  • Redressing and Calibration of Gas Lift Valves
  • Redressing/Calibration of Chemical Injection Valves.
  • Fastening /cutting of bolts in Wellhead with pneumatic torque wrench
  • Electronic Memory Gauge Rental.
  • BHP Analysis & Interpretation.
  • Down-Hole Shut-In Tool Services.
  • BHP Analysis & Interpretation.
  • Wellhead Tools and Equipment
  • Drilling Spools/Adapters Suspension Spools, Riser Spools and Flanges
  • Wellhead Running/Retrieving Tools
  • Wear Bushings for Bore Protection
  • Combination Running Tool/Test Plugs Crossovers
  • Lubricators, BPV, TWCV, VR-Plugs and Actuators Mechanical Opener.
  • Chemical injection Units for Hire, power washing pumps and other range of Rental of Equipment – Long term or Short term
  • Fishing
  • Retrievable Nipple less Plugs
  • QUP Plugs & Parkers
  • Non-Explosive Setting System
  • Hydraulic Setting Tools
  • Heavy Duty Fishing Tools.
  • Hydraulic Jars Accelerators
  • Sand Bailing
  • Pulling & Setting of Subsurface
  • Safety Devices
  • Gas Lift Operations
  • Swabbing
  • Tubing Leak Testing
  • Zone Change
  • Wax Cutting
  • Work Over/Completions
  • Tool Tubing Perforation
  • Setting of Bridge Plugs & Packers without Pyrotechnics
  • Panel Design (Design, Fabrication, construction maintenance, repair and installations of wellhead safety systems such as single and multi-wells control panels, contro- matic unit, self-contained safety systems)
  • Emergency Shutdown System Design (Design, Fabrication, construction, maintenance, repair and installation of Emergency Shutdown (ESD) systems for Drilling operations, Well test operations and Production operations)
  • Wellhead Safety Control Systems Upgrade Installation, Commissioning and Flow Station Process Equipment Installation & Upgrade (Flowstations, Gas Plant and Compressor stations System upgrade, maintenance, repair and Commissioning)
  • Hook-up of instrument Transmitters, Recorders and Control Valves Field Installation and maintenance of process Instrumentation
  • Fabrication of flow lines
  • Fabrication of pipelines
  • Pipe clamping services
  • Section repairs of pipelines
  • Fabrication of Xmas tree crossovers of all sizes
  • Fabrication of Lubricators
  • Fabrication of flow control (chokes)
  • Fabrication of flanges
  • Fabrication of bull plugs
  • Fabrication of various hanger pulling and running tools
  • Cutting of VAM top, VAM ace, and all hydril CS threads

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Nigerian Operational Office:
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